When did you join Lowell?

July 2014 - I joined straight after uni where I got a First Class Honours in Mathematics and Statistics.

In a few words tell us about your job

My job is all about using data, statistics and science to help us understand our customers better and therefore tailor our engagement strategies to meet their individual needs. We have a wide and varied customer base, so the more we understand our individual customers the better service we can provide.


What initially attracted you to joining Lowell Group?

The job description sounded exactly what I was looking for and would enable me to use my degree and build on my knowledge. I was really keen on how focussed Lowell are on career progression – there’s no limit to the amount of training and development available.

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What has been your career highlight so far at Lowell Group?

I was accepted onto Lowell’s Future Leaders programme which is all about identifying individuals who want to become people managers and progress within the company. It was a year long programme that included 5 x 2 day modules and support from a mentor. I was really proud of how well my first presentation went to the Executive and Leadership teams - without the training I’d received from Lowell there’s no way I would have felt confident doing this sort of thing.


What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I get to use my degree and get a real sense of accomplishment because I know the work I’m doing is appreciated and makes a huge different to the business. Presenting to the Exec team and making recommendations is a big responsibility and I feel lucky to be doing this so early on in my career. I never feel out of my depth as there’s lots of support and I’m always learning new and better ways to do things.


Any words of wisdom for ambitious people looking to get ahead in their career and join Lowell?

Make sure you’re prepared for the interview and you know what the job entails beforehand. We’re always looking for enthusiastic people who are looking to build a career here so never be afraid to put yourself forward.