How we’ll measure our impact

    Customer Net Promoter Score

    The extent to which our customers are willing to recommend our services to others

    Client Customer Treatment Score

    The extent to which our clients think we do right by their customers

    Debt Free Customers

    The number of Lowell customers who cleared all accounts with Lowell within 2020

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    Improving our digital capabilities is a top priority for Lowell. It’s what our customers want and delivers better outcomes for engagement and repayment.

    Holger Taubmann, DACH Regional CEO


    Trusted and engaging

    We do more than collect debt. We help our customers by showing flexibility and compassion to support their return to financial wellbeing. We also support them by making their debt repayment as simple and accessible as possible, through our digital platforms and the experts in our Customer Centres.

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    We’ve improved our overall website experience by focusing on speed, ease of navigation and interaction and content development. That investment has started to shift how our customers interact with us and we’ve seen a 26% year on year growth in digital collections in the UK in 2020. We’re now preparing to launch a new mobile app that will be a one-stop access point for our UK customers to all of their accounts with Lowell.


    Personalised approach

    We treat every customer individually and work with them to take control of their debt, whatever their circumstances. By taking the time to understand them we can find the best resolution – whether it’s paying in small instalments that allow them to manage their other outgoings, offering a period of breathing space or sign-posting for additional support. By working together we can deliver a positive outcome.

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    Supporting the vulnerable

    We ensure our customers who are in the most vulnerable situations are protected and respected and have clear policies in place to guide our actions. By listening to them and fully understanding their circumstances, we can identify whether they need additional support. Fully trained colleagues in specialist teams are on hand and dedicated to meeting their needs – this might include giving them time and space for their circumstances to change, or agreeing to deal with someone they nominate.


    Building financial resiliency

    We develop leading tools and services to help customers build financial resiliency to avoid problem debt in the future. This includes content available to them online that’s designed to give additional help and support, such as a budget calculator that helps our UK customers understand how much they can afford to pay.

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    Joanne's story

    “I ran into difficulties after leaving an abusive relationship. Lowell never once pressured me and a payment plan was set up. Lovely customer service. Not often you can say that about a debt management company.”

    - Trustpilot 5 star rating (March 2021)