Compelling careers with Europe’s leading credit management company. For everyone from new entrants eager for a role with prospects, to experienced leaders searching for fresh challenges. 

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Together, we’ll go further

If you’re looking for an ordinary career, you’re in the wrong place. We do things differently at Lowell.

We’re an inclusive organisation spanning eight European countries. Our careers are as varied as the places we work in, but they all have one thing in common: they’re full of opportunities to learn, develop, and progress.

We care about our employees, wherever they are in the company. That’s why people love working at Lowell. We’re a dynamic, forward-thinking business that places people at the heart of everything. We’ve created a culture where everyone can thrive, achieve their career ambitions, and make a real difference to people’s lives.

Couple that with attractive benefits and rewards packages, and you could be looking at your dream employer.

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Lets talk about debt

Before starting a career at Lowell, people sometimes tell us they were hesitant about applying for a role with a debt company. We understand that. We also understand debt.

We’re here to help people through tough times

Being in debt can put your life on hold. We help customers get their lives back together. 

It’s why we play a leading role in promoting financial inclusion in the UK. We use our unrivalled insight and research to influence Government policy, pushing for societal change that banishes the stigma of debt and recognises the huge negative impacts that financial struggles visit on people’s health, wellbeing, and life chances.

In the UK, we work in a highly regulated industry. We don’t charge interest or add fees to debts. We don’t force people to pay more than they can afford. We take the time to understand what’s going on in our customers’ lives. 

We put people first. We care.

That’s the Lowell difference.

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Joining Lowell is just the beginning

Whatever stage you’re at in your career, you’ll go further at Lowell. 

Whether you’re joining as a colleague or an experienced exec, you’ll find Lowell is brimming with opportunities for professional growth.

We offer financial support for any external learning that fits with your personal and professional aims. We encourage career progression throughout the business. Whatever your ambitions, you’ll find rewarding career pathways to help you achieve them.

We invest heavily in developing both our current and future leaders. Our Let’s Go, Core, Explore, and senior leader development programmes help us create forward-thinking, dynamic, inspirational leaders fully equipped for the demands and opportunities of tomorrow’s workplace. 

Learning for leaders

Starting with our onboarding and induction programme, which helps newly appointed leaders transition into their role, we help our senior managers grow their leadership capabilities including how to lead through ambiguity and change.

We use a blend of structured learning, online and webinar content, and access to superb internal leadership coaches.

Learning for colleagues

New colleagues enjoy an interactive digital onboarding and induction experience to welcome them onto Team Lowell. From then on, we encourage colleagues to own their career development through on-demand digital learning (mainly from the LinkedIn Learning platform), mandatory training modules to keep up to date with the latest essential information, and supported external learning. 

We also look after our colleagues’ wellbeing, with access to development modules covering topics like mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.

Apprenticeship aspirations

We run apprentice schemes in both the UK and Germany. In the UK, our programmes cover everything from Customer Collections to Legal; Data & Technology to Risk & Compliance. Whether you’re looking to take your first step onto career ladder, or you’re ready to move up a rung or two, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re an aspiring leader, our Aspire and Women in Leadership pathways will support your development, paving the way to becoming an effective people manager in the future.

Diversity and inclusion 

Lowell is an inclusive workplace, where everyone feels included and valued. 

We know that diversity is the key to creating a thriving place to work and keeping our business fresh, forward-thinking, and pioneering. We work with external partners, targeted job boards, and agencies to make sure we have diverse shortlists throughout our recruitment process. 

We’re leading our sector in many areas of inclusive practices, with clear and challenging goals throughout our organisation focused on Gender, LGBTQI+, Neurodiversity and Cultural Diversity and Equality.

We’re guided by our values

Our five values guide everything we do at Lowell. 

Pioneering. Ambition. Compassion. Excellence. Responsibility. 

These aren’t just fancy words to us. They’re the values that capture the heart, spirit, and soul of Lowell. The values that define us.

They help us attract fresh talent - like you? - and fuel the ambitions of everyone working here. They show us how to work together with respect and integrity. They give us space to be our authentic selves. They build the bonds that help us all push for better outcomes for our customers, clients, and communities. 

Read more about our Values.

Hybrid working? Yes please

Hybrid working is a welcome part of the culture here at Lowell. We believe that a better work-life balance makes for a more enjoyable and productive experience for us all. We move between office and remote days according to business needs, working in various places at different times.  

Our Group hybrid working principles give us consistency and alignment across functions, countries, and regions as we all work together towards a successful hybrid working model. 

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