Bonus schemes

We want everyone to go that extra mile (or 1.6km for our European colleagues!), to do more than the minimum and to live our Values consistently, and we want to recognise them for the hard work they do, so our bonus scheme rewards colleagues for a job well done.

Bright rewards

Everyone at Lowell has the chance to say “thank you” to their colleagues when they put in that extra effort, or do something that just makes life that little bit nicer. Through our Bright recognition scheme, you can show your appreciation either with social recognition or points that can be collected and redeemed from an online catalogue.

Flexible benefits

With our flexible benefits scheme, colleagues  can either choose from a variety of benefits worth up to 3% of their salary or take this as cash as part of their pay. Some of our benefits include:
•     Extra holidays
•     Life Assurance
•     Pension contribution
•     Private Medical insurance
•     Cycle to Work scheme
•     Dental cover

On-site gym

No need to pay for a gym membership - we have one here. There’s a one-off induction fee, but after that it’s free. There’s a choice of aerobic fitness and weights machines, plus free weights, shower and changing facilities and it’s open from 7am to 7pm.

Free parking

Don’t worry about expensive parking like in Leeds city centre, we have free on/off-site parking.  And if you take part in our car-share scheme; drive to work with another colleague 3 days a week or more, you'll get a priority parking space.

Restaurant and cafe

There's lots great food available on-site, including family favourites, healthy options, and vegetarian choices. There's also a deli counter to build the sandwich or salad that takes your fancy.
And if you want to bring your own food, don't worry there are kitchen areas with fridges and microwaves.

Shuttle bus service

If you don’t drive, don’t worry, we have that covered too. We have a free shuttle bus service to and from Leeds city centre that drops you off right outside our doors.


We’re people who like to look to the future,  so we don’t want to just look after you while you're part of the team. We have a flexible pension scheme, where we pay in automatically and you can increase your contribution so that's right for you.