What we do is important. Every one of our customers needs our help.  When we do our jobs we can change lives for the better.

Our customers

We know the term 'debt collection' doesn't sound positive, and that our industry can be weighed down by a poor reputation.  We are not like that.

We are different.  We work to help each of our customers. We don't judge them: we provide a fresh start, a chance to rebuild their finances, and sometimes their lives.

They are not alone

Every day we deal with thousands of calls from people who need our help.  Over 8 million people in the UK are dealing with debt, many of them also dealing with health and families issues on top. Putting them at ease, understanding their problem and finding the right solution makes a difference.

We operate across nine different European countries, with careers in a wide range of roles and locations. Read about our current vacancies

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