Fairer debt, fairer society

We believe pragmatic reforms to the financial sector could help ease the pressures on families dealing with debt and lay the groundwork for a better financial future.


Lowell Manifesto: our three asks

Our customers often tell us that unforeseen personal misfortune sparked their financial difficulties.

Because life doesn’t always go to plan. They lose their job. Split up from a partner. Suffer an injury. Succumb to chronic illness. The everyday events that can happen to any of us, at any time. For many people, this can be enough to tip them into problem debt overnight.

We know that the key to tackling problem debt is dismantling the barriers that stop customers from engaging with their debt problem. We need to remove the stigma of debt and the fear of debt companies so we can help customers earlier.

Download our Lowell Manifesto here.

Manifesto three asks


Download our Lowell Manifesto

Read the full 'Lowell Manifesto' to explore our three key reforms for a fairer financial future. These pragmatic changes are essential to easing the financial pressures on UK households and dismantling the barriers that prevent people from effectively managing their debt.