Lowell Financial Services (formerly: GFKL)

      Founded in 1992, the company grew into one of Germany's largest financial services businesses. It is now a leading provider of receivables management services, and has been recognised as leader in its field. Employing over 1,500 people, together with its subsidiaries, it operates Competence Centres for specific sectors in key locations across the DACH region:

      • Insurance, Telecommunications & Travel
      • Utilities & Public Transport
      • E-Commerce & Retail
      • Fitness & Health, Publishing
      • Financial Services

      German subsidiaries
      • Deutsche Multiauskunftei GmbH
      • GFKL Collections GmbH
      • GFKL PayProtect GmbH
      • Proceed Collection Services GmbH
      • Inkasso Becker Wuppertal GmbH & Co. KG
      • Sirius Inkasso GmbH
      • Zyklop Inkasso Deutschland GmbH
      • Intratech GmbH
      • Tesch Inkasso Finance GmbH
      • Tesch Inkasso Forderungsmanagement GmbH

      Austrian / Swiss subsidiary
      • Lowell Inkasso Service GmbH
    • The Nordics
      Lindorff in Denmark, Finland and Sweden as well as Intrum Justitia in Norway

      Joining Lowell in March 2018 our Nordics businesses are established players across the Northern European markets with a long track record in each country: Finland (1966), Sweden (1981), Norway (1982), and Denmark (1994).

      Employing over 1,000 people, the Nordics region is active across the full value chain of Credit Management Services with strong capabilities across all client sectors. It was formed by the combination of Intrum’s former operations in Norway and Lindorff’s former operations in Denmark, Finland and Sweden, as well as Lindorff’s payment services business in Norway.

    • UK
      Lowell Financial Limited

      Lowell Financial is a leading UK provider of credit management services, specialising in debt recovery, data analytics and customer insight. It has grown steadily since launching in 2004. It's now widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading investors in consumer debt portfolios, and as Europe’s leading player in the credit management industry. Lowell Financial is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is a member of the Credit Services Association.  In 2015, we launched Lowell Solicitors Limited, a specialist debt-recovery law firm, recently rebranded to Overdales. Lowell Financial and Overdales combined now employs over 1,500 people in Leeds and Bradford.


      Overdales Solicitors Limited

      Overdales is a specialist law firm providing industry leading litigation and debt recovery services. It recovers outstanding debts through the courts when all other efforts have failed and there is reasonable reason to believe the consumer has the means to pay. Overdales is dual regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority. You can visit the website here.