We are proud of our performance and achievements in 2022 across the four pillars of our strategy: Better for Customers, Better Ethics and Understanding, Better for Society and Responsible Business. 

    UN Global Compact Commitment

    In welcome addition to our strategy, we also joined the UN Global Compact in January 2023 and are committed to their four areas of impact including Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anticorruption, which adds additional focus to our efforts.


    customers become debt-free with Lowell in 2022


    of colleagues completed Group Code of Conduct and People Policy training


    consumers reached to raise financial awareness


    of our total energy use is from 100% renewable sources (17% in 2019)


    Our 2022 Sustainability Report

    Our sustainability ambitions are supported by a clear Sustainability Report and measurement Scorecard that will guide our future performance targets. Our scorecard is aligned to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and we will continue to extend our reporting against it. We also support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  


    Sustainability Reports Downloads


    ESG index

    For each of our relevant business topics that span Environment, Social and Governance issues, we have provided its specific location within our latest 2022 Sustainability Report, to increase access to our information.

    • Environment
      • Climate Change — Responsible Business — Environment Pages 45-48
      • Energy — Responsible Business — Environment Page 45
      • Procurement — Responsible Business — Paper Action Plan Pages 50-51
      • Travel — Responsible Business – Environment Page 49
      • Waste — Responsible Business – Environment Page 49


    • Social
      • Client Engagement — Better Ethics and Understanding Page 21
      • Colleague Performance Evaluation — Better Ethics and Understanding Page 18
      • Customer Engagement — Better For Customers Pages 9 to 16
      • Diversity and Inclusion — Better for Society – A culture of diversity and inclusion (D&I) Pages 31-32
      • Education and financial inclusion Better for Society – Supporting better financial education - Page 22
      • Employee Engagement & Development — Better Ethics and Understanding – Together, we go further Pages 19-20
      • Employee Health & Wellbeing — Better for Society – Colleague development and wellbeing Pages 28-30
      • Employee Training and Development — Better for Society – Colleague development and wellbeing Pages 28-29
      • Employee Volunteering — Better for Society – Colleague development and wellbeing Page 30
      • Health & Safety — Better Ethics and Understanding - Page 18
      • Human Rights and Labour Practices — Responsible Business Page 44


    • Governance
      • Bribery and anti-corruption — Responsible Business – Business Ethics Pages 41-42
      • Code of conduct — Better Ethics and Understanding Page 18
      • Conflicts of interest — Responsible Business — Business Ethics Page 42
      • Corporate governance — Responsible Business — Governance Pages 35-36
      • Data Privacy and Security — Responsible Business – Data Protection and Information Security Pages 37-40
      • Financial Crime — Responsible Business — Business Ethics  Page 42
      • Gifts and Hospitality — Responsible Business — Business Ethics Page 42
      • Risk management — Responsible Business – Governance Pages 37-38
      • Sustainable procurement — Responsible Business – Business Ethics Page 41
      • Whistleblowing — Responsible Business — Business Ethics Page 41



    Benchmarks and Ratings Scores

    Benchmarks and ratings scores provide Lowell with insight on our sustainability performance and help us to respond to client requests for ESG ratings. At the end of 2022 Lowell worked with EcoVadis to complete our first formal and independent ESG rating to assess our progress so far and validate our future focus areas. We were pleased to achieve a Bronze rating in our first assessment in January 2023 with a score of 48 points, 3 points above the average for our industry (ISIC 8291 - Collections Agencies and Credit Bureaus). 

    Our policies and procedures

    Embedding good corporate governance practice is fundamental for Lowell in creating and building internal and external stakeholder value. Our policies and procedures are the backbone of our approach to strong governance. Our key policies can be found on our main Governance page

    When it comes to performance, our stakeholders care about more than just financial growth. Reporting financial and sustainability measures side-by-side is key to building trust and confidence and will make us more attractive to our colleagues, partner organisations and customers.

    Jamie Wilson

    Group Chief Financial Officer


    Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    Our strategy is aligned with the UN SDGs and we have identified five main areas of action where we can make the most impact. 


    All businesses need to help advance the world towards the Global Goals - at Lowell we recognise the part we have to play.

    Andy J. Green


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