Boott Mills in Lowell

Experience the sights and sounds of a working cotton mill.

Lowell, Massachusetts was once a great industrial center of America, and the Boott Cotton Mills were at the center of the Industrial Revolution. The rich history behind the Boott Cotton Mills can be felt simply by walking into the museum, through the same doors as Lowell pioneers who helped to shape the history of Lowell and the textile manufacturing industry.

Boott Mills was opened and operational for over a hundred and twenty years before it finally closed its doors in 1955. It has since been restored and reopened by the US Parks Department’s Lowell National Historical Park as a museum paying homage to the mill and the mill tradition of Lowell. With its exhibits featuring authentic mill equipment, the museum allows visitors to feel the roar of the industry that dominated the area in the late 19th century.

One entire floor of the Boott Cotton Mills Museum shows visitors exactly how a working mill actually looks. The floor is called the “Weave Room,” and it is filled with industrial grade looms, running at top speed, allowing visitors to feel the buzz of a working mill. This is one of the largest industrial history exhibits in the nation, and it is probably one of the loudest – it’s not called the “roar of industry” for nothing!  Videos and tour guides help guide visitors through the exhibit. Directly next to the Weave Room is the museum gift shop, filled with books, videos and other information about the Mills and the history of Lowell.

In other areas of the park where the Museum is located, visitors can find The Boardinghouse, where the women who first worked in the mill were housed. These famous Lowell Mill Girls who worked in the cotton mills, lived and worked in notoriously harsh conditions. Today, the Boardinghouse is the location of the Mogan Cultural Center. Another sight at the Boott Cotton Mills Museum includes the cotton storehouse, which appears as an almost prison-like building because of all the tiny windows in its side. Visitors can also walk the grounds around the mills, and they can take a stroll on the walkway next to the Merrimack River.

The Boott Cotton Mills Museum building has three floors, with the museum occupying two of them. On the top floor, modern condominiums and lofts looking out on to the beautifully scenic waterfront of the Merrimack River are on the real estate market, although most have them have been long sold out. Depending on just how beautiful visitors find their tour, they can buy a loft and move right in! The museum also houses the Lowell Historical Society and the Tsongas Industrial History Center.

There are several restaurants and hotels in Lowell located near the museum. If you visit Lowell, MA, the Boott Cotton Mills is one attraction that shouldn’t be missed.

Boott Cotton Mills Museum Address

Boott Cotton Mills Museum
115 John Street
Lowell, MA 01852

Phone: (978) 970-5000