We make credit work better for all

Lowell is Europe's leading credit management company, operating in the UK, DACH and Nordic regions.

Our mission

Lowell Manifesto

Lowell's 2024 manifesto outlines our key requests from Westminster ahead of the upcoming election, including policy reforms, economic incentives, and regulatory changes, to support business growth and innovation throughout the next parliamentary term.

Read our manifesto in full here.

What we do

We both buy (on our own behalf) and service (on behalf of our clients and partners) portfolios of debt and then use our skills, resources and experience to engage customers, agree sustainable repayment plans with them and thereby create predictable revenue streams.

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We are reliable, dependable and resilient

We're not immune from macro-economic factors like the ongoing fallout from the global financial crisis and Covid, but our strengths help mitigate the negative effects.

Results from Full Year 2023.

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News & Insights

View press releases about Lowell, our latest research papers, thought leadership blogs, and our ground-breaking work on the Financial Vulnerability Index (FVI).

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